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EPT Unveils New Website

Sunrise from Lookout Rock

The Equinox Preservation Trust is pleased to unveil its new website!  Working with Jonathan Gicewicz at JEG DESIGN INC in Rutland, we have included many changes and updates to improve access and usability across a wider spectrum of devices.

Many partners are involved in the functioning of the Preserve as both a highly valued location for recreation as well as a large and diverse forested landscape home to a significant variety of flora and fauna.  We seek to bring more attention to those partners on the new site.

Relevant information is highlighted on every page, and the visual appearance is much more appealing to the eye.  Please be sure to take note of the Preserve guidelines, especially those concerning dogs and parking.

We have had generous assistance from Shawn Harrington at the Manchester Historical Society with addition of historical images of the landscape which is now conserved for future generations.  These photographs from the MHS archives truly demonstrate how much the slopes of Mt Equinox have changed over the past century.

Additionally, the Trust has set up an Instagram account which will be updated with Preserve photos natural history content.

We hope you enjoy the changes and find the website to be a useful resource.

animal tracks