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Since the 1800s, biologists and ecologists have initiated varied studies of the Mt. Equinox flora and fauna.  Educational, non-profit or professional organizations wishing to embark on study programs within the confines of the Equinox Preserve are asked to submit proposals to the EPT board for review and ultimate approval before proceeding with studies involving the lands in the Preserve. 

Recent research projects have involved tick population surveying, mineral weathering processes in forest soils, genetic variations in fragrant wood fern, mammal population surveys focusing on small mustelids, peregrine falcon nest monitoring, terrestrial biodiversity and soil calcium, and on-going data collection on the distribution and abundance of montane songbirds.


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All trails are open for pedestrian use. The Equinox Preservation Trust may close some trails temporarily for repairs or to protect them from damage during muddy conditions. 

An enlarged trail map is on display along with copies of the handy pocket guide & trail map, updated program information and special notices.

Informational kiosks greet visitors at both entrances to the Preserve. A third kiosk is located near the trail connector at the rear of the Equinox Hotel parking area.

Naturalists have long held Mt. Equinox in high esteem for its beauty and natural diversity, a valued source of study by botanists and ecologists since the late 1800s.

A variety of mammals populate the slopes of Mt. Equinox, protected by the thick natural cover and food sources that the forest provides.

animal tracks